Pace Water System

Taylor Harris did his service learning hours at Pace Water learning about the science behind and benefits of water treatment. Below are some excerpts from his journal:

"Wetlands provide many benefits such as slow runoff, reducing flooding, and recharging aquifers. Wetlands also provide opportunities for hiking and birdwatching. The Pace Water Plant Systems redistributes the water into the Pensacola wetlands. Not only is the water from the plant put back into the wetlands but also the biosolids are given to farmers to use as soil for crops. Therefore the water plant is not only helping out the wetlands allowing them to continue to produce benefits but also helps soil the farmers crops and harvest corn. According to chapter 12, a sewage or wastewater plant is a point source of water pollution. We treat our wastewater such as a mainstream practice. According to the book, wastewater is water used by people, just as the overview stated that was given by the Mr. Strength at the Pace Water Plant. The book explains the process of a wastewater plant, which is very similar to the Pace Water Plant, both use primary and secondary treatment...With the world’s  population increasing, there becomes more trash and waste each day. According to chapter 17, “Waste refers to any unwanted materials or substances the results from a human activity or resource.” The Pace Water systems deals with the waste water and regenerates it our to the wetlands. Reducing the waste amount in this way is a new modern method of waste management. The Pace Water Systems plant is also a form of recycling. In chapter 17, recycling is reviewed and explained in depth. “Recycling is one of the best environmental success stories of the late 20th century,” according to the U.S. Environmental Protection agency. Recycling is a method of reducing waste and minimizing what goes into the waste stream. The recycling process begins when recyclable materials are gathered and collected. Then the materials are used in industry to manufacture new products. Finally consumers buy the products and conclude the process of recycling. The Pace Water Systems takes the waste water and filters it, then put it out to the wetlands or gives the sludge produced by the waste water to farmers to put on there crops to help in the growing process....

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