Real work skills devloped during service learning

Sevice learning not only provides the opportunity to give back to your communty while leaqrning, but also to devlop skills needed in the workp;ace (regardless of your profession). Check out this example:

The skills of working with the lead gardener and manager of the food bank will help me grow in the professional world. My major is social work so when I got to harvest the vegetables and bring them into the actual food bank, I saw and interacted with clients who needed the food and that gave me an in look on the type of people I will be working with in my future. I enjoyed making connections and being the volunteer that could get the job done. I was complemented on my work-ethic by some of the lead volunteers and said that I will be a great worker for someone someday. These complements and the service I did not only pushed me to work harder but it showed me that I can change lives and I get to do that every day as a social worker.

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