Air quality monitoring for service learning

Sergio learned about the importance of paying attention to the air we breathe while volunteering for Florida Department of Environmental Protection!

Here is what he had to say about the experience:

"The most important thing I learn though this project is that we have to be very careful with every decision we make not just environmentally talking but in life. We have to think two and even three times before taking any decision. Is understandable that we didn’t know about all the damage that was being done 30 years ago but now that we know what are the consequences of not controlling air pollution or water pollution, is not just our right but our obligation to start doing things in order to preserve planet earth. More than teaching me any professional skills, this project has made me realize that I and every single person has to stop thinking about being every day more professional in a major and start being more human and with this I mean understanding that earth is the humans home, if we don’t take care of it eventually it won’t be anything that we can take care of. "    

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