Service Learning on a CSA in Sweden!

Erik took intro to Environmental Science online while living in Sweden! He spent his time helping increase Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) by volunteering at Gemenshaps Foretaget Narjord ekonomisk Forening. 

Erik did not let the challenge of a language barrier stop him from improving his community! Here is what he had to say about the professional skills he developed:
"One professional skill I learned, and did not expect to learn, is the value of keeping good relations with the people you meet and only checking your neighbors bowl to make sure they have enough. Working on a farm is a very time consuming and demanding job, and when Philip started the organization it was only him, his girlfriend, and one other friend. At one point, they were going to close the farm and sell the land due to the inability to employ more people, because they did not charge the residents money. Because Philip and his girlfriend had always put their community before themselves, the residents began showing up for a few hours a week during their free time and helping, which saved the organization from discontinuing.

I also learned the importance of persistence, especially when the odds are against you. I only know two people in the small town that I moved to, which also has a significant language barrier. When they did not know of a nonprofit organization that I could go to for my service hours I nearly gave up and began considering the annotated bibliography. Instead, I decided to go to City Hall and, through a translator on my phone, I asked for any community service options. They told me they had plenty of options during the summer, but I missed that opportunity by about a month. I decided to try one more thing, which was a café downtown that was recommended to me. I was told they use locally grown fruits and vegetables, so I decided to ask the owner where the produce came from, which led me to Philip Larsson of Narjord."

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