Fall 2013 UWF Garden workday

Stephanie Ferguson joined me and dozens of other students at the Garden. Check out what she had to say about it: 
Sonny, our Garden mascot

I had the wonderful pleasure of working in the beautiful Community Garden at UWF on September 14, 2013 as part of my service learning. The people who work with the community garden have a mission of growing sustainable and healthy food for everyone and provide knowledge of growing a personal garden. Ms. Hobbs’ Intro to Environmental class was assigned to garden bed eight and we were ready to work! ... Through this life-changing experience, I learned that it’s truly important to know where our food comes from and one of the best ways is to grow our own food organically and to buy meat, vegetables, and fruit from a farmer’s market where we can see first-hand where our food is created. Almost all of our food is genetically modified that we buy in the supermarket and with our Community Garden here at UWF and farmers markets, everything is pesticide-free, organic, and healthy. This lesson can be referred to Ch. 5: Environmental Economics and Consumption which discusses about economic choices and sustainability and Ch.6: Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycling which talks about ecosystems and how every living thing plays an important role in nature which helps with our food. The film we watched in class, “Food, Inc” was very informative and describes the corporate control of our food industry and goes perfectly with the Community garden and how to grow food sustainably.

Bed #8, our class bed!