Best professional devlopment skills submission thus far!

Check out the professional skill development Charles Watson received while contributing to his community and earning a grade for service learning: 

 The professional skills I used for this assignment were time management, organization, leadership.
        •       Time Management- Scheduled times and days that didn’t interfere with school, and had to request off of work to make sure I got the hours for this assignment done in a timely fashion.
        •       Organization- As one of the older members of this project I was given also given leadership role where I organized small groups of kids that ranged from sizes 4-8 based on age and work ethic in order to make sure an ample amount cigarette butts and trash would get cleaned up.
        •       Leadership- I was one of the older participants in this volunteer event mainly because is meant to target High School students and educate them, I was chosen to be more of a leader and help direct kids along with helping out in my own group.
        •       Maturity-While having a leadership role I had to act my age and be responsible. Because I was older than all the kids and a college student they kind of viewed me as a "Cool college kid" and looked up to me so I act mature, responsible and serious about work in order to set a good example for the younger kids so that they know that you have to act professional and get work done first before you can have fun.

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