Service Learning to Save the Turtles

Isabel Guerra headed out to Gulf Islands National Seashore to do her Service learning hours. She learned about several programs which focus on protecting the endangered sea turtle species which nest on Santa Rosa Island.

light meter studies at GINS

Isabel really gets the benefits of doing service learning in a general education course! Check out what she had to say:

"It is from this program that I became not the cat lady but the turtle lady. I always say that one piece of plastic picked up has the potential to save a life, turning on lights matters, and that every species is important in a community. Professionally, I have gained and am still gaining so much from volunteering with this program. I have not stopped volunteering just because I have completed the hours necessary. I am continuing to volunteer because I know that what I am doing matters a lot and that in my future endeavors it will definitely benefit me. I have learned to work proficiently with a group, participate in each aspect of the project, be on time for the studies, to be completely accurate (a decimal point means a lot), and to always ask questions so that I can have complete understanding of the work I am conducting. Plus, since I am volunteering with a government agency, it’s a great resume builder!"

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