More real world skills devloped...

LOVE this submission from Zoe!!

The skills I developed while working in the garden was patience. In a garden plants are not just going to start sprouting beans, okras, and radishes; it takes time and care for them to grow. This applies to my career choice as a child psychologist because it will require patience because a child will not just be cured in one session, and just like a plant a child requires care and time. The skill that I already had while working in the garden was curiosity. I always like to know more about things even when there might seem like there is nothing else to be learned about the subject there is always something new that can be learned. In the garden I learned so many things such as how to know when a radish is ready to be pulled, and how big okra should be when it is ready to be cut. I also learned that okra starts out as flowers and when the flower is dead, you pull it off and the bud of the okra will show. The skill I also had while working in the garden is respect. I had such a deep admiration for the people working in the garden because they did it because they wanted to help not excepting anything in return. I think that now of day a lot of people have lost sight of doing things just because and not excepting something in return. Having respect also opened me up to be able to learn more and be more susceptible to using what I learned in the garden in my profession. I really enjoyed my time in the garden and plan on going back to help and learn more.

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