One hour a week at a shoreline making a big difference!

Vabrice spent time at the beach to satisfy her service, not too shabby!! 

I took my service learning to the beach. Here I aided my fellow peers in cleaning up the beach. While doing it not only did it give me a great indescribable feeling, I helped save my environment one small step here I collected blocks of wood that were chilling shore side, broken chairs that people left, and wrappers that people had neglected to throw away in the trash. AND I HELD A STARFISH FOR THE FIRST TIME THAT WAS REALLY ACTIVE!!!!  This service project has taught me that we as a people have to love our environment more, because if we don’t no one else will.  With well over millions of people on the face of the planet it is our sole responsibility to take care of the place, that takes care of us.  Litter can lead one to think that an area is unkempt and unsafe and that disorder and littering are tolerated. (Which it is not) Litter attracts more litter. If we can clean our physical environment to make it look better, we as a people will feel better and isn’t that what life is all about? So the next time you walk across some trash on the floor wherever you shall be, even if it wasn’t you’re doing pick it up! It’s really all a domino effect and you never know what animal, ecosystem, wetland, and/or environment is thanking you. 

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