Service Learning on Lake Jackson Spring 2012

Here is a project I would have loved to help with!

On February 18 & March 10, I accompanied Paxton High School’s Key Club, a group of high school teens dedicated to performing various community service acts, in a clean-up of a local lake. Lake Jackson is located approximately 70 miles from Pensacola right on the Alabama-Florida state line and is a local hot spot for fishermen, boating sports, and runners. This activity had two main goals: to clean up around the lake (garbage) and to test the pH level of the lake. Picking up trash around a lake may seem like a very basic principle or activity but it is one that has a heavy impact. Aside from preserving the natural beauty of the lake, trash that may be blown or somehow end up in the water can also end up releasing chemicals from the packaging that can end up effecting the water species. Trash removal also prevents ducks from using it, in building their nests.

The second aspect of the project was to collect water samples of the lake to make sure that the lake’s acid levels were not affecting the wildlife. This was done simply by collecting water from various points in the lake and placing them in “Whirlpaks”, which are virtually the plastic bag version of a test tube. These were then given to the local park rangers offices for further examination. 

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