Spring 2012

Below is a blog submission from one of my students who learned about the importance of a sustainable food system while helping feed people in our community:

You’ve probably heard of the MANNA Pantries, but have you heard of MANNA Food Gardens? The MANNA Food Gardens is just like the MANNA Pantries, they both are branches of MANNA that are on a mission to help feed the community by giving people that are in need of food. The MANNA food garden is grown on a concrete slab behind MANNA’s warehouse on Gonzalez Street. Volunteers tend to the growing and cleaning of the MANNA green house where they grow plants from seed, plant the plants in the beds, remove weeds, water the gardens, and pick the food when it is ready to be cleaned and served.

Above is the inside of one of the green house

Above one of the volunteers water a section of the tomatoes. 

Above are barrels used to make compost for the garden. Compost is a health type of soil.

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