Spring 2012 Habitat for Humanit

Several students volunteered this semester for Habitat for Humanity. Below is a student submission relating that experience to class topics: 

I did my community service hours with habitat for humanity. Habitat for humanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building affordable housing. So far they have built over 500,000 homes and helped 2.5million people. The organization works through donations and volunteer labor. I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering with them and I plan on going back to do more volunteer work weekly!!
                This was an amazing experience, that I probably wouldn’t have done had it not been for the class requirement but now I plan on pursuing it and doing many other forms of volunteer work through-out the summer. 

The building of this particular home relates to our environmental science class in many ways. The part that I helped with was the putting up of the roof. In class we discussed ways to be energy efficient. One of those ways was the type of insulation you use when building your home. The insulation used in this home was a reflective material that’s main goal is to reflect the heat of the sun away and not let any of the heat or cool air escape from the house its self.  The reason that this is such an important role in not just home owning but the environment is because it saves cost and helps you use less energy thus burning less fossil fuels and creating less pollutants in our air.  

   So my community service hours relate to our environmental science class because of the use of solarbord in the building of the roof, the fact that habitat for humanity is a nonprofit organization striving to give everyone an affordable decent home making our economy rise, and the recycling of old materials. 

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