PowerShift for Service Learning!

UWF group at PowerShift 2013!

Check out what Kimberely had to say about the skills she devloped: The skills that I developed from this conference I could not have imagined going into this trip! I went a little skeptical about current environmental issues. To be honest, I never gave the environment a second glance, let alone thought I would end up at a conference a thousand plus miles from my comfort zone, surrounded by “tree huggers”. I learned that the issues at hand like water pollution or something as simple as pollution in our community can all be greatly reduced just by joining hands with those that simply want to improve the land we live on. They are not “tree huggers”! They are people wanting to save the earth from the person that I use to be. That person is the selfish being that turned away from anything environmental because I did not understand that it entailed more that chaining oneself to an old oak tree. Now that I know what I know that sounds incredibly ignorant. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people like the old me out there. My job now is to educate and inform them of what they don’t know. That is that being environmentally continence is not about saving trees. It is about being aware of the current danger that our planet is in and calling people to action to save it! I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity that I was given to go on this trip; it has changed my viewpoints and lifestyle drastically. 

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