Clothing made from reused materials!

 Kaitlin Lott did her service learning hours helping DeeDee Green at Escambia County's Department of Solid and Waste Management Recycling and Education Outreach. During her service she was reminded of a project she did last year. Check out this dress she made from reused materials: 

 "One lesson very important that not only the facility but also our text is to encourage family and friends to recycle or start a recycling program in your community. Coincidentally I was able to apply these ideas to my own life and inspired my supervisor. A year ago I participated in a fashion show where the dresses had to be made out of recycled goods. I used old M&M wrappers and garbage bags. Not only did this happen within my community but also with friends. This related to my work because it was a beginning step for me in my endeavors towards recycling while inspiring others to perhaps participate in more recycling activities." Kaitlin Lott

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