Endangered gopher tortoise getting lots of help at Eglin!

One of the largest gopher tortoise relocation project in Florida happened in our area! Hundreds were moved to the large expanse of Eglin Airforce base. I had a few students go help build an enclosure fence, and then begin to dig some burrows (just to help get them started). Daylin had this to say about the experience: 

Waking up at 6:30 driving over an hour away never felt so good, knowing I was building a new habitat for endangered gopher tortoises. A team and I volunteered together to build a pen on 102 acres on Eglin’s Reserve to hold over more than 400 tortoises. We dug holes, planted stakes in the ground, and stapled material to the stakes making a pen for the tortoise’s new home since they have to be relocated from Citrus County due to impending habitat loss. Nine hours later, covered in dirt, with blisters on my hands it was a great feeling knowing that everyone came together to help these selfless creatures.

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