Dump Dash

Kelley Bahn did some of her service learning hours helping out at the Perdido Landfill's Dump Dash:

The Perdido landfill is an integrated Municipal landfill. Their job is to reduce the amount of waste generated and manage what is generated in a environmentally and economically friendly way. In order to minimize odors, a layer of dirt, grass, ground glass or tires is placed over the waste. The Perdido landfill also runs several environmentally friendly organizations such as Drop off Recycling, End of Life Electronics, Yard Trash, Waste Tires, Household Hazardous Waste and Paint Reblending. We have discussed recycling in class and it is very important in keeping our environment clean. When I volunteered at the landfill we made the awards out of recycled soda cans. The landfill had children with special needs help cut out the circles from the cans and we put the circle son beaded necklaces. Making the awards out of recycled material showed the children that you can be creative and help out the environment.

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  1. I think its a cool concept to have the runners running above ground of a buried trash land at their feet, but more importantly its good that it raises awareness amongst the people watching the race.

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