Panhandle Equine Rescue

Camille Dauchez Did her service learning at Panhandle Equine Rescue: 

My environmental class has taught me valuable lessons about where I live, the Earth. Environment includes all living and non-living things around us with which we interact. People get too caught up on their own life that they forgot that we are part of the natural world and the interactions with its other parts matter a great deal. Understanding the relationship with the world around us including air, water, shelter, is essential. As we saw in class, human impacts are the major sources of disturbance of ecological communities worldwide. Contributing to animals that need help because of the neglected environment caused by humans is an important issue and cruelty in our world is not acceptable. The environment where the maltreated equines were rescued had their habitat fragmented: without grassland, in dirt, without food, and without attention. Horses might not be an extinction species. Nonetheless, every human that decides to have the responsibility of any animal needs to treat the animal. I value the people and scientists that save endangered species and preserve a healthy habitat for all animals.
Being connected with our environment is the key for the future health of the mother Earth. If all the population would give some time every week to be connected in their community and give help for the species in need, we will start to live in a better place. Earth has experienced five mass extinction episodes and humans are setting the sixth mass extinction. Let’s not forget that habitat alteration is, by far, the greatest source of biodiversity loss today.
My service-learning requirement was interesting. I have always enjoyed being part of my community and offer my help to people or animals in need. I have exceeded my expectations and my perceptions. I did not realize how many equine owners mistreat their horses. By helping this organization and spreading the word, I contributed to the environmental assistance for one species on earth. In 2012, any help to non-profit organizations to help the environment and stop cruel acts conducted by humans is a step forwards a better future.

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