Florida's Water and Land Legacy

A handful of students took advantage of election day to help gather signatures for the Florida's Water and Land Legacy Campaign to fund the Funds the Land Acquisition Trust Fund.  http://floridawaterlandlegacy.org/

Brittany Angles submitting the following reflection on her experience:

For my service learning project I worked with Florida's Water and Land Legacy to gather petition signatures. Florida's Water and Land Legacy is working on getting an amendment on the 2014 ballot to conserve water and land in Florida. “Florida's Water and Land Legacy is a coalition of the state's leading conservation organizations,” (floridawaterlandlegacy.org). What this means is that the leading conservation agencies have gotten together to try and get more funding to keep Florida beautiful. They want to take a small portion of funding we already have in Florida to work towards a cleaner, better Florida. My service learning opportunity relates to our class because it has to do with conserving the land and water in Florida, which will help protect and restore biodiversity in Florida. Although my part in helping the organization was small, the more signatures they get, the more likely the amendment will make it to the ballot, and if it passes, the funding will help them protect Florida's natural beauty and conserve the biodiversity which has many benefits for people. A strong biodiversity can help purify air and water, stabilize the climate, provide aesthetic and cultural benefits, and cycle nutrients and renew soil fertility. So not only will this organization clean up the state, it will also help preserve this biodiversity which will help us out in the long run. Give to the environment and the environment will give back. Florida's Water and Land Legacy are geared towards making sure our beautiful state will still be beautiful for future generations, as well as conserving our water systems to help us get clean potable water. Another good thing about conserving the water and land in Florida is to help our tourist economy. Cleaner water and cleaner land means more tourists, which is very important for our state. In conclusion, the organization I worked with for my service learning project relates to our class by their efforts towards conserving our water and land and the promotion of biodiversity that will entail.

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